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Best Ways To Remove Your Skin Tags Effectively And Safely



Using Vitamins For Skin Tags


Skin tags may be harmless skin protrusions but for many people, they are worth the trouble removing. Apart from being unsightly when they develop in skin areas that don’t normally go under your clothes, like on eyelids, ear lobes or the neck, they can be a nuisance to an otherwise smooth skin surface and can cause discomfort when left untreated.



Treating Skin Tags with Vitamins

Knowing the cause of any health problem is key to getting the right treatment and prevention. That applies to skin disorders as well. Skin tags, however, don’t have a clear causal link to any condition that if neutralized can get it cured and prevented. It is observed that skin irritation caused by frequent skin-to-skin friction and even with clothes can give rise to skin tags but no one knows the medical pathways in and out of the condition.  


People who are overweight or obese and even plump kids tend to favour skin tags more prevalently.   


There are over-the-counter skin tag removers out there but for many people, vitamins can work more naturally and progressively as well provide some promise of preventing future skin tag outbreak just by properly caring for the skin with some of the vitamins known to nourish the skin.



Vitamin C

Pharmacologically known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C in concentrations of 10% to 20% are known to figure as an active ingredient in many topical skin care creams and lotions.  Health care stores have liquid vitamin concentrates which can be used to progressively remove skin tags over a few days of religious application depending on its size.  Because of its acidic property, Vitamin C can cause skin tags to dry up and eventually fall off. They can, however, leave some blemish unless you use Vitamin E in as well.



Vitamin E

There’s no arguing the splendid health regenerative properties of Vitamin E. It’s a generic term for both tocotrienols and tocopherols which have gained popularity among health and beauty experts as having anti-aging properties when ingested as a food supplement.


When topically applied on the skin, Vitamin E has conditioning and restorative properties that help prevent scarring when applied on skin breaks or wounds. Patients suffering from severe measles and acne have been known to recover nearly flawless skin after getting ointments formulated with Vitamin E.  


Its skin conditioning properties work the same on skin treated for skin tags that often leave some blemish after being removed by surgical excision or after drying out and falling. On its own, vitamin E can also work to dry up skin tags though this may require a longer treatment.




A multivitamin food supplement rich in Vitamins C and E never fails to work wonders for maintaining one’s health and that includes getting clear skin. Some people develop skin tags more frequently than others and removing them can become a routine chore for many as there really is no preventive medication for it.


But with a healthy diet that gets the right Vitamin supplementation like C and E, being able to maintain a healthy body and skin can mean reducing the risk of getting skin tags and other skin abnormalities caused and encouraged by nutritional deficiencies.


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