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Best Ways To Remove Your Skin Tags Effectively And Safely



What It Takes To Remove Skin Tags On Your Face?



Skin tags, medically referred to as acrochordons and also known as fibroepithelial polyp, cutaneous papilloma and soft fibroma, are harmless little skin and tissue outgrowth flopping from the skin.


They can break out anywhere in the body with prevalence in the neck and underarms, upper breast and skin folds in the grown and buttocks where the rubbing action of skin against skin or with tight clothing can encourage their occurrence.  


Obese or overweight adults as well as plump kids and toddlers are more susceptible and they have more skin folds. But some people get more of it than others, regardless of age or health condition, which tends to support the suspicion it has hereditary or genetic roots.


As a harmless skin outgrowth, they are not contagious, don’t pose any health risk nor are they symptomatic of any serious health problem. As such, no treatment is necessary and many skin tags just wither and fall off unnoticed.


But they can grow large enough to be a nuisance in some body movements and can even grow in places that can be unsightly, like on your face.  When that happens, you can get rid of them.



The Worst Place To Get Skin Tag

The face is the last place you want to see a skin tag braking out. Like acne pimples, even a single minute skin tag can disfigure an otherwise flawless skin on your face. Skin tags love to be in the eyelids right at their edge, earlobes or even beside nostrils.  


Your first recourse is to get to your favorite dermatologist or doctor and undergo a minor out-patient surgical procedure. A skin tag on an eyelid, however, should be referred to a competent ophthalmologist who is better trained and geared-up to treat one.  


Otherwise, if you prefer to treat skin tags at home, at least get your doctor’s nod. There are home bound procedures than can remove skin tags and you only need to get your doctor on your side.  



Bloodroot To The Rescue

There are herbal concoctions you can do at home that have been known to kill skin tags.  You also should first consult with your doctor on using herbal medication.  One of them is an herbal mix that uses a woodland herb called Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) native to North America.  


It’s also known as bloodwort, tetterwort or red puccoon root. Bloodroot extracts are toxic to animal cells as they contain sanguinarine which induces apoptosis or cell suicide.  American Indians use them to treat skin infection as well as malignant cancerous skin tissue. Unfortunately, they also destroy surrounding healthy normal tissues. But with same caution and care, a paste made of bloodroot can be quite effective in dealing with skin tags.


Mix ¼ tsp of bloodroot power with a few drops of water stirring with a toothpick to get a thick paste-like consistency. The critical part comes when applying it on the skin tag.  You don’t want it to reach adjacent skin areas or they too will die, so with a toothpick, apply it on the protruding skin tag.  There may be some pain and this should signal you to stop the application.


Otherwise, bandage the area and leave it for two days. Clean the skin area and reapply as necessary. After about a week, you should be able to see the skin tag shrivel or at least get reduced in size to be noticeable.


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