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Best Ways To Remove Your Skin Tags Effectively And Safely



Getting The Difference Between Genital Warts And A Skin Tag



To the untrained eye, skin tags that appear on the penis, scrotum, anus or the vagina could resemble genital warts and cause undue alarm. But skin tags have distinct character and medical roots from genital warts.



What Are Skin Tags

Skin tags are harmless skin tissue outgrowths that dangle from the skin surface and can break out anywhere in the body. The most common areas are your neck, upper breast and underarms. They occur more often between skin folds and skin areas that often rub with other skin or get irritated with tight clothing.  


Obese adults and plump toddlers and kids with a lot of skin folds are susceptible to it but some get more than others leading to a suspicion that skin tags have hereditary causes. Skin tags also appear in the genital and anal areas especially and in women after pregnancy. Since they are harmless, no treatment is required unless they pose annoying discomforts during sexual intercourse.



What Are Genital Warts

On the other hand, genital warts are viral infections caused by the human papilloma virus and is classed as a sexually transmitted disease or STD that require treatment. They typically break out on the penile shaft or scrotum in men and on the vulval external walls of the vagina in women. As STD, they can also appear in the anorectal regions in both sexes, if anal sex with an infected person is done, or in the mouth and throat if oral sex is performed with an infected partner.



Difference In Looks

Skin tags are small loose flapping skin tissue that dangle from a tiny stalk protruding out of the skin and can take the color and texture of the skin surrounding it or may be discolored. Genital warts on the other hand, are tiny bumps resembling several tiny cauliflower-like protrusions clustered together. Early occurrence way look like skin tags and it is advisable that when such skin aberrations appear in the genital area, a visit be made to your doctor, dermatologist or to a gynecologist for women to get proper diagnosis.




It is important to get the right diagnosis to get the right treatment. Skin tags are easy to treat as they require nothing more than a straightforward excision, either surgically using a scalpel or surgical scissors, or some other methods with the aim of deadening the skin tag so they wither and fall off.  


Cryotheraphy, ligation and electrocautery all aim to deaden the skin tag leaving them easy to scrub off.  You can also get a doctor’s recommended set of procedures to ligate or cut them off in the privacy of your homes. But they can’t be prevented. The exact cause of skin tags are unknown so they really can’t be prevented.


Genital warts, however, have a known causality but while they can be cured, there’s no effective prevention as the virus remains in the body. Even antibiotics taken as a precaution prior to engaging in sexual activity with anyone can’t guarantee you won’t get STD. And once infected with the human papilloma virus, they can be pharmaceutically treated as well as undergo about the same treatment done to remove skin tags such as local surgery, cryotheraphy, electrodessication or cauterization including laser treatment.



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