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Best Ways To Remove Your Skin Tags Effectively And Safely


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What Is Acrochordons?

As benign skin protrusions, skin tags or acrochordons don’t pose the slightest health hazards and need not be treated. Also bear in mind that because of their cosmetic superficial natures, any treatment won’t be covered by health or medical insurance.


The worst situation you can get is if it grow on any part that can’t be covered by normal clothing such as our face, neck and hands or get in the way of an active or sporty lifestyle.



Treatment Options

There are quite a few options you can take to remove skin tags. It can range from simple home-made topically applied herbal concoctions all the way to surgical excision on an out-patient session with your dermatologist or doctor.  


But bear in mind that treating skin tags won’t guarantee they will not return. For many people who are more susceptible to getting skin tags frequently, treating them can become a routine medical expense for the rest of their lives.



How Are Skin Tags Treated?

Skin tags have no known causes that can be neutralized or prevented to make treatment more effective and lasting. Treatment basically involves getting rid of the skin protrusions but can never guarantee against future skin tag formation.


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Skin Tag Dx

Unique formula can absorbed directly and eliminates the tag from beneath the skin.


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Home Herbal Treatment

The woodland herb bloodroot that abundantly grows in north central US has been known to have strong caustic properties that can virtually burn out a skin tag.




Small acrochordons can easily be excised using a sharp pair of scissors or a scalpel and often won’t involve local anesthesia. But the larger skin tags may require the use of injected lidocaine or a topical application of Betacaine or LMX 5% cream especially in skin areas with many tags to remove.  


Expect some skin scarring after a surgical procedure which can be mitigated with a topical application of ointment with Vitamin E formulation. Some skin tag occurrence may occasion a more specialized treatment like those on eyelids where an ophthalmologist can be better equipped to deal with it.



Electrocautery Or Hyfrecator

Also called diathermy, the procedure calls for passing an electric current on the affected skin are to burn it off and thus allow easy scrubbing of the skin tags once dead. No bleeding is involved and this treatment offers the least risk of infection.








The same objective of killing the skin tag can be achieved by freezing the affected area often with the use of liquid nitrogen or using carbon dioxide snow and an OTC aerosol can of DIMEP. This is an inexpensive procedure that can inflame and redden the treated skin while it goes into healing and only a doctor or dermatologist should be present to supervise the procedure.



Cutting off the blood supply to the skin tag is a sure way to kill it off and tightening a noose around the thin skin stalk holding the tag using dental floss will often do the job nicely. After a few days, the skin tag shrivels and dries up making it easy, bloodless and painless to just scrub it off or let it fall off. This may not be ideal for skin area with a number of skin tags.



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